Associate Board of Directors

The Crescendo Club is led by the Associate Board of Directors, a group of young professionals who have committed their time and resources to cultivating the next generation of Nashville Symphony supporters.

2017/18 Associate Board

  • Chair, Hank Ingram
  • Past Chair, Bethany Whelan
  • Chair Elect, Allison Reed
  • Secretary, Nick Deidiker
  • Communications, Cassie Petty
    • Music Industry Partnerships, Laura Kimbrell
    • Press/YP Connections
      • Sarah Kendrick
      • James Richfield
  • External Events, Brian Cook
  • Internal Events, Ginny Stalker
    • Volunteers, Andrew Hard
    • Benefits & Engagement, Drew Martin
    • Membership, Melissa Moss
    • Education Liaison, Lauren Parker Jackson
  • Members-at-Large:
    • Clayton Wraith
    • Ryan Lipscomb
    • Chase Neely
    • Evelyn Hill
  • Orchestra Liaison, Hari Bernstein