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We know that while you're a young professional, you also might have a family that you want to bring closer to the Nashville Symphony. Membership in Crescendo Club can be multi-purpose: sometimes you'll want a date night with champagne and Classical concert tickets on a Friday night, and sometimes you'll want to come out to a Pied Piper concert with other young families. We also host family-friendly events throughout the year besides our regular cocktail parties, such as our annual Home Alone pizza party or Free Day of Music.

When you purchase a membership, you'll also receive discounts on select Pied Piper children's concerts, matinees throughout the year (getting a babysitter is way easier for a Sunday afternoon than a Saturday night, are we right?) the chance to connect with other young families in Nashville, and if you email us at, your choice of a "Let's Go to the Symphony" DVD that will introduce your children to the Schermerhorn, or a "Junior Conductor" T-shirt supporting the Nashville Symphony! 

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