Associate Board of Directors

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The Crescendo Club is led by the Associate Board of Directors, a group of young professionals who have committed their time and resources to cultivating the next generation of Nashville Symphony supporters.

Interested in volunteer opportunities and future leadership roles? Contact Ashlinn at to join a committee or express interest in Board service.

2019/20 Associate Board

  • Chair- Mr. Nicholas Deidiker

  • Past Chair - Ms. Allison Reed

  • Chair Emeritus - Mr. Hank Ingram

  • Secretary - Mr. Andrew Hard

  • Treasurer - Mr. Andrew Martin

  • Communications Chair - Ms. Amanda Kane

  • Membership Chair- Mr. Victor Evans

  • Events Chair - Mrs. Kayla Counts

  • Spirits of Summer Chair - Mrs. Catherine Grace

Members At Large

  • Ms. Lenai Augustine

  • Ms. Samantha Breske

  • Mr. Brian Cook

  • Mr. Chase Neely

  • Ms. Cassandra Petty

  • Mr. James Richfield

  • Mrs. Ginny Stalker

  • Mr. Jason Palmer

  • Ms. Sarah Kendrick

  • Mrs. Laura Kimbrell

  • Mrs. Megan Koch

  • Mr. Ryan Lipscomb

  • Mr. Taylor Vickery